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PowMr 5000VA 4000W Inverter Parallel 48VDC Input 220VAC PowMr 5000VA 4000W Inverter Parallel 48VDC Input 220VAC

  • Brand : PowMr
  • Product Name : PS-5k-Parallel
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*Parallel Model Introduction (only for "5KVA 4000W 48V Parallel model")
*This is multi-function inverter/charger ,combining functions of inverter,PWM solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size .
*Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current .
*AC/Solar charger priority ,and acceptable input voltage based on different applications

  1. Brand: Powmr

  2. PS-5K-Parallel

  3. Pure sine wave inverter

  4. Built-in PWM solar charge controller

  5. Configurable input voltage range for home applicances and personal computers via LCD setting

  6. Configurable battery charging current based on applications via LCD setting

  7. Configurable AC/Solar charger priority via LCD setting

  8. Compatible to mains voltage or generator power

  9. Auto restart while AC is recovering

  10. Overload/over temperature/ short circuit protection

  11. Smart charging system optimizes battery performance

  12. Cold start function


Figure 1

NOTE: This item can not use lithium battery!!!


PS (2)

Parallel Model Introduction (only for "5KVA 4000W 48V Parallel model")
This model can be used in parallel with two different operation modes
1.Paralle operation in single phase with up to 6 units ,The supported maximum output power is 24KW/30KVA
2.Maximum six unites work togerther to support three phase equipment ,Four units support one phase maximum.The supported maximum output power is 24KW/30KVA and one phase can be up to 16KW/20KVA
3.Each inverter has one pcs parallel kit , so you should make sure each inverter is with the parallel kit if you want to put them in Parallel !
The following illustration sgiws basic application for this inverter/charger .It also includes following devices to have a complete running system :
  • Generator or Utility

  • PV modules (Option)

Consult with your system intergrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements .This invertert can power all kinds of applicances in home or office environment ,including motor-type applicances sucha as tube light ,fan,refrigenrator and air conditioner

Figure 1


Note:For Parallel model installation and operation ,please check separate paralllel installel installation guide for the details
1 LCD display
2.Status indicator
3.Charging indicator
4.Fault indicator
5.Function buttons
6.Power on/off swtich
7.AC input
8.AC output
9.PV input
10.Battery input
11. Circuit Breaker
12. RS232 communication port
13.Parallel communication cable (only for parallel model)
14.Current sharing cable (only for parallel model)
15.Dry Contact

Technology Parameter


PS (2)


The product can compatibile with these batteries



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