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MPPT Solar Charger Controllers

MPPT Solar Charger Controllers

What is an MPPT Solar Charge Controllers?

The MPPT Solar Charge Controllers is a DC-DC converter that maximizes the efficiency of solar energy systems. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) does this by optimizing the voltage matching between the solar panel array and the battery and is the most efficient method of solar charge regulation.

The MPPT controllers we sell are some of the most efficient and powerful controllers in the world. The working efficiency of MPPT Charge Controllers is higher than that of PWM controllers.

Advantages of MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

  1. Compared to PWM solar charge controller, it is more efficient.

  2. It optimizes voltage drop and provides DC load optimization.

  3. It is ideal for large systems where the solar panel output is much greater than the battery voltage.

  4. It provides more output and therefore more capacity (amps)

  5. By increasing the output voltage of the solar panel

  6. By lowering the battery voltage (discharging the battery)

  7. MPPT solar charge controllers can be applied to other renewable energy sources such as small hydro turbines, wind turbines, etc.


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