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Powmr MC4 Solar Crimping Tools Kits Solar PV Tools Crimper Powmr MC4 Solar Crimping Tools Kits Solar PV Tools Crimper

  • Brand : Powmr
  • Product Name : MC4D-4
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1.A complete tool kit to install solar connectors easily and accurately.

2.Crimper features consistent and accurate performance

3.Cable Cutter with high leverage Jaw and shear blade for clean cut without damage.

4.Includes 4 pair connector and 1 pair spanner to help you opening the locking device, securing and tightening the cable gland.

Technical Parameter

No.The Type of Solar KitsIntroduce
1A-2546B solar cable crimper(With MC4 Solar Dies Set)Solar cable crimper Crimping Range: (Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6mm2 (AWG 26-10)
Length:270mm, Weight:0.74Kg
2LocaterUse with A-2546B Solar Cable Crimper
3Hex wrenchUse for Installing MC4 Dies/MC3 Dies/Tyco Dies
4MC3 solar Dies SetA Pair of Dies for MC3 solar connector
(Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6mm2
(AWG 14/12/10) solar cable.
5Tyco Solarlok crimping tool Dies Set(Optional extras)A Pair of Dies for Tyco solar connector
(Multi-Contact) &4/6mm2
(AWG 12/10) solar cable.
6A30J Die Sets1Pair A30J Die Sets for 0.5-6.0mm2 Insulated Terminals
7LA-2546B solar cable stripperUniversal solar cable stripper, for
2.5/4/6mm2 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable
Length:180mm, Weight:0.32Kg
8WX-206 solar cable cutterSolar cable cutter for Soft cable/Wood sticks/Dowel rods/Animal Nail/Rope/Cord and many other materials
cable: 24mm2(3/8”) flexible
Material: stainless steel blade and TPR handles
9Solar connecter spanner2 Pcs Open-end spanner and unlocking
tool (MC4 and MC4 PLUS)
10Straight ScrewdriverIWISS screwdriver 5x75mm(Dia.*Length)
Material of Head: S2 Steel
10Cross screwdriverIWISS screwdriver 6x100mm(Dia.*Length)
Material of Head: S2 Steel
12BagCarrying Oxford Zipper Bag: 310×140×65(mm)


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