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Powmr EPever 150V 80A Solar Charge Controller LCD Display Powmr EPever 150V 80A Solar Charge Controller LCD Display

Powmr EPever PV 150V 80A solar charge controller LCD display lithium battery for solar RV, household system-简介

  • Brand : Powmr
  • Product Name : 8415AN
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Tags: MPPT PWM Powmr
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Product Description

CE certification(LVD EN/IEC62109,EMC EN61000-6-1/3)
High quality & low failure rate components of ST and Infineon to ensure the product’s life
Advanced MPPT technology & ultra-fast tracking speed, with tracking efficiency no less than
Maximum DC/DC transfer efficiency is as high as 98.6%, full load efficiency is up to 98%
Advanced MPPT control algorithm will minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time
The accuracy of the recognition and tracking at the highest point of multiple-peaks MPP
The wider range of MPP operating voltage.
Auto control system to limit the charging power & current go over the rated value.
Support 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User.
Support the lead-acid and lithium batteries
Real-time energy recording and statistical function
Automatic over-temperature power reduction function
Hundred percent full load operation in working environment temperature range within
charging & discharging
Support up to 6 units in parallel to expand system
Load relay control external load switch signal to realize diversified load work modes
The first and the second disconnection of load control, contain two relay’s contact.
Auto-control of utility and generator relay design
Utility or generator auto-control relays make it easy to compose the hybrid power system
The remote temperature and the voltage sensor design will collect accurate data of battery
temperature and voltage
Isolated RS485 with 5VDC/200mA to protect output for no power devices with MODBUS
To monitor or set the parameters by using the phone Apps or PC software.

Technology Parameter

Icon name


Function Description



The icon lights up to indicate daylight



The icon lights up to indicate the night


Solar panel

The icon lights up to check the PV array access



The icon lights up to indicate battery access and the inside indicates battery voltage



The load is lit to indicate that the load has an output


Status icon

The icon lights up and scrolls to indicate the chargevstatus and discharge status,respectively.


Failure icon

The icon flashes to indicate that the system has a fault condition.


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