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PowMr 12V 24V K100 Pro-100A MPPT Solar Charge And Discharge Controller PowMr 12V 24V K100 Pro-100A MPPT Solar Charge And Discharge Controller

This is a MPPT charge and discharge controller, With MPPT control algorithm, in any situation, products of this series can fast and accurately track out the best maximum power point (MPP) of photovoltaic array, in order to obtain the maximum solar energy in time, which remarkably improves energy efficiency the maximum conversion efficiency can reach 99.5%.

  • Brand : PowMr
  • Product Name : K100-PRO
  • K100-PRO
  • 100A
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PowMr 12V 24V K100 Pro-100A MPPT Solar Charge And Discharge Controller


  • Brand:PowMr

  • Product Model: K100-PRO

  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, with

efficiency no less than 99.5%.

  • High quality components, perfecting system performance, with maximum

conversion efficiency of 98%.

  • Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency.

  • Wide MPP operating voltage range.

  • 12/24VDC automatically identifying system voltage.

  • LCD panel display design, dynamically displaying tool‟s operating data and

working condition.

  • Support 3 charging lead-acid battery options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded.

  • Charge mode: three stages (constant current, constant voltage, floating

charge), it prolongs service life of the batteries.

  • Battery temperature compensation function.

  • Multiple load work modes

This solar charge controller with three time function.

A: time (night working) B: period (pause) C: time slot (dawn working)


MPPT series solar charge controller is based on an advanced maximum

power point tracking (MPPT) technology developed, dedicated to the solar

system, the charge controller conversion efficiency up to 98%.Also optimized the following points:

1.All the Various Real-time data show on one display ,Convenient user to


2.The Solar Panel input voltage up to 96V, suitable for various specifications

of solar panel

3.The power supply uses ultra low power chip ,reducing static standby

power consumption ,reduce energy loss

4.USB 5V Output for phone charging

5.Support Remote Display

MPPT Solar Charge Controller.jpg


PowMr MTTP.jpg

PowMr Solar Charge Controller.jpg

Installation Instructions

Installing wires, first loosen the screw counter clockwise

1.Prepare complete installation tools, materials and cable. Please matching suitable cable.

2.Ensure that the current density <4A/mm² This will help reduce the line pressure drop.

   Check the installation site meets the relevant safety requirements, avoid 

    damp, dusty, flammable, explosive and corrosive gases

3.Install the controller fixed to the vertical plane, see Section V mounting

   aperture and hole spacing. In order to ensure a good controller cooling

   conditions, the controller on the bottom of each reserved 10cm space

4.As shown on the right wiring sequence: load, battery, solar.

Battery plate is connected to the controller to be taken to ensure that the load,


   The polarity of the solar cell panel and controller.

5.Warning: to prevent accidents (high pressure or high temperature), non

   professionals can not engage in loading and unloading operations.

6.Be very careful when installing the batteries, especially flooded lead-acid

   battery. Please wear eye protection, and have fresh water available to wash

   and clean any contact with battery acid.

7.Keep the battery away from any metal objects, which may cause short

   circuit of the battery.

8.The controller requires at least 150mm to 300mm of clearance above and

   below for proper air flow, ventilation heat dissipation fan is highly

   recommended if mounted in a sealed enclosure.


Technology Parameter


K100 PRO

Maximum   power current


Load   output current


Installation   Line(mm)


Installation   Line(AWG)




Peak   power of solar cell panel(Max Wp)


Battery   capacity configuration




Battery   float voltage

13.8V(12V   system)/27.6V(24V system)

Battery(under   voltage) protection

10.6V(12V   system)21.2V(24V system)

Battery(under   voltage) recovery voltage

12.6V(12V   system)/25.2V(24V system)

System   load loss:13mA

Loop   Buck:100mA

Operating   Temperature: -10~60

Storage   Temperature: -30~70

Humidity   requirements:90%. No condensation

Temperature   compensation: -4mV/Cell/

Maximum   open circuit voltage of the solar panel

18V-48V(12V   system)/36V-96V(24V system)

Solar   panels maximum open circuit voltage(V)



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