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PowMr 12V 24V 36V 48V 60A/80A/100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller lithium battery PowMr 12V 24V 36V 48V 60A/80A/100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller lithium battery

This is a new generation of intelligent digital MPPT solar controller, which has high-efficient algorithm. It supports Seal/ Gel/ Lithium battery and customized batteries.

  • Brand : PowMr
  • Product Name : Runner
  • 60A
  • 80A
  • 100A
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PowMr 12V 24V 36V 48V 60A/80A/100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller lithium battery


* High-efficient MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%.

* Support Seal/Gel/Flooded battery and customized batteries.

* Four types of load mode selection: ON/OFF, PV voltage control,

Dual Time control, PV+Time control.

* Current-limited charging function.

* High definition LCD display.

* Intelligent interaction experience.

* Dual RS485 communication ports, support for parallel communication.

* Support PC and APP (Android & iOS) monitoring.

* CE, RoHS, FCC certifications approved.


Runner runs, 2019, my off-grid system

A new generation of intelligent digital MPPT solar  controller

1. high-end design, color screen, touch button

2. three-stage charging to extend battery life

3. tracking efficiency up to 99.8%

4. perfect protection function

5. expandable APP, host computer, and unlimited parallel connection

6. monitor the entire system status, diagnose system matching, etc.

Important safety instructions

1.Instant the controller in a ventilated place. The controller’s case may be high in during operation. Please don not touch the shell directly to prevent burn.

2. It is recommended to connect fuse or circuit breakers to the input, load and battery terminals to prevent electric shock hazard during use.

3. After installation,check all wiring connections are secure, so as to avoid the danger of heat build-up caused by virtual connection.

4. If the controller does not display properly when first use, please cut off the fuse or circuit breaker immediately and check whether the wiring connection is correct or not.

5. If the solar system needs to connect the inverter, please connect the inverter directly to the battery, instead of the load terminal of the controller.

6. Do not disconnect the battery when the controller is charging. Otherwise, it may damage the DC load.

Technology Parameter

Runner 12V/24V/36V/48V-series    R48L60 R48L80R48L100
Product category             Control type                                MPPT (maximum power point tracking)
            MPPT efficiency                                                 ≥99.5
            Standby power                 0.5w-1.2w                        1w-1.6w
       Heat-dissipating method                                     Air cooling
          System voltage               Automatic indentification of 12V/24V/36V/48V(lead-acid battery)
                           Lithium battery system(9V-60VDC)
  Configurable lithium battery system8VDC-60VDC(the standard model), ≤60VDC(Optional lithium battery activation function)
Input characterizes    maximum input voltage(Voc.max)                                           150VDC
    minimum MPPT voltage(Vmppt.min)                            Real-time battery voltage+2V
        Start charging voltage                            Real-time battery voltage+3V
input low voltage protection voltage                            Real-time battery voltage+2V
input overvoltage protection/recovery voltage                                         150VDC/145VDC
Rated power input              12V system         780W         1040W          1300W
              24V system        1560W         2080W          2600W
              36V system        2340W         3120W          3900W
              48V system        3120W         4160W          5200W
Configurable lithium ion battery system756W-3024W1008W-4032W1260W-5040W
Charge CharacteristiesLithium battrey activation function Optional
Type of battery sealed lead acid,colloid lead acid ,Liquid rich battery,user defined,lithium ion battery
Rated maximum charging current60A80A100A
Charge MethodStage 3:CC(quick charging)-CV(constant charging)-CF(floating charging)
LOAD characteristiesLoad Voltage The same as the batttery voltage
Load rated current30A50A
Load controller modeon/off mode,light controller mode,dual time controll mode,light control delay mode
Load low voltage protection10.5V(low voltage protection),11V(low voltage protection recovery),adjustable
Display&communicationDisplayHD LCD color segment code display
CommunicationDual RJ45 interface/RS485/upper computer soafwave/WIFI module&Bluetooth module mobile phone APP
Other parametersProtection Functioninput-output over/under voltage protection,Prevention of connection reverse protection etc.
Operating ambient temperature`-20℃~+50℃
IP(ingress protection)IP21
Max. connection size28mm²50mm²
Recommended battery side circuit breaker80A100A120A
Net Weight/Gross Weight(kg)2.15/3.055/6.15
Product size/package size(mm)305×185×72/420×275×150380×210×80/490×350×195


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