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PowMr 12V 24V 15A Waterproof MPPT Solar Charge Controller PowMr 12V 24V 15A  Waterproof  MPPT Solar Charge Controller

15A MPPT Waterproof Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V IP67 for 3 to 8 Series 3.7V Lithium Battery with 5 Stages Time Adjustment

  • Brand : PowMr
  • Product Name : SM1575
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Product Description


Innovative Max Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99%

Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 96%

5 stages time can be adjusted

Can read parameters and running status

When BMS power off because of LVD, it can activate the system automatically

Charging target voltage and charging recovery voltage can be set

Day/Night threshold can adjust automatically

Remote Unit to configure, with LCD display IP67, Strong and durable aluminum case

Full automatic electronic protect function

Smart-MPPT Li series intelligent MPPT solar controller is programmable and especially for solar light system. The charging efficiency is about 20% higher than the traditional PWM controller, which can make the cost of the whole system much lower. 

Self Test:

As soon as the controller is supplied with battery, it starts a self test routine. Then the display changes to normal operation. 

Battery Type :

The controller is applied to Lithium rechargeable battery . The charging voltage target and charging voltage recovery can be set according to customer requirements.The controller is suitable for 3~8 series lithium battery.(The nominal voltage of a single lithium battery is 3.7V and the charging voltage target is 4.2V).

Technology Parameter

 ItemSMR-MPPT0875 Li  SMR-MPPT1010 Li SMR-MPPT1075 Li SMR-MPPT1575 Li
Battery ParametersMax Charging Current8A10A15A
Charging voltage target 11.0~17.0V 11.0~32.0V(Programmable) 
Charging voltage recovery9.5~16.8V9.5~31.8V(Programmable)
Low voltage disconnect 9.0~15.0V9.0~30.0V(Programmable) 
Low voltage reconnect9.6~16.0V9.6~31.0V(Programmable) 
MPPT Charging Voltage < Charging voltage target
Battery TypeLi
Max volt on Bat. Terminal25V40V35V
Panel ParametersMax volt on PV terminal60V90V60V
Max input power

25W x #(3~4)

Eg: 75 W(3 Series)

 ~100 W(4 Series)

33 W x # (3-8)

Eg: 99 W(3 Series)

     ~264 W(8 Series)

50 W x # (3~8)

Eg : 150 W (3 Series)

 ~ 400 W (8 Series)

Dusk/Dawn detect volt.3.0~20.0V(Programmable) 
Day/Night delay time 0~30Min(Programmable)
MPPT tracking range(Battery Voltage + 1.0V)~Voc*0.9 
LoadOutput Current8A10A15A
System Parameters Max tracking efficiency > 99.9 %
Max charge conversion96.0%97.0%
Self consumption6 mA
Dimensions 85.8 x 81 x 23.1 mm85.8 x 145 x 30 mm 
Weight 260 g600g
Ambient temperature -35~+60℃
Ambient humidity0~100%RH 
Protection degree IP 67
Max Altitude4000 m


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